Booking season 2018

The 2017 fishing season continues with many catches and very satisfied guests !! Numerous fishermen have already booked their next holiday at Blackbay!



The booking for 2018 are already open and we suggest you to hurry up to choose the best week suited to your needs!



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Another week fishing in Blackbay.....
Here's another super week at his ends. The weather was really hard, with lots of rain and wind, but this 4 crazy Italian fisherman was able to catch big fish every day! Lots of fun every day and lots of super sized fish! Great job Guys!
Half of 2017 fishing season
The first part of the season 2017 ended with lots of satisfaction! Numerous were the enthusiasts who came fishing with us, and they helped make this season so special! The Lough Derg continues to show itself...
"Atlantic Rock fishing" By Filippo Bortolon - coming soon
From a collaboration with Filippo Bortolon and Marco Marchioli, it has a new video on fishing in the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs! Stunning images, will give you a taste of the surreal atmosphere that reigns in this pristine and wild...