The end of 2014 fishing season @Blackbay lodge: last twelve months have been filled in by emotions, big pikes, new and old friends with fresh stories and lot of fun. DSC_0812P1030001 First thanks certainly goes to Ireland: to his untouched and wild nature, the pikes that populate its waters and the unforgettable experience that this natural setting gives us in every single moment. P1020619 More thanks go to the numerous friends, old and new, with whom, not only fishing experiences were shared, but as well, unforgettable memories of the past season were created. DSC_0085 DSCF3597 The solid experience of Blackbay ensured that catches of pike of large size were constant throughout the whole season despite the unusual wheather characterised by low wind and little rainfall: byconstantly improving fishing techniques, searching for new spots and applying the knowledge gained about different fishing areas throughout the years, outstanding results have been obtained in providing high quality fishing. DSC_0557 DSCF0831 DSC_0449 Looking forward to the start of season 2015, don't miss all the appointments we have set for the next few months and continue to follow us! P1020529 DSC_0564 You can do this using our social media (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and website) where we'll be uploading high definition videos and pictures from season 2014 with updates and news on the forthcoming season. DSCF4752 Moreover, if you want to exchange your views on the art of fishing and learn more about the spirit of the Blackbay experience, we give you the opportunity to join us in person to our events: fishing shows, talks and discussion groups will keep us busy in the next months.   A big thank you from the BlackBay Lodge’s fishing team