Another season comes to an end at Blackbay lodge, and it's time to draw conclusions! A memorable season, with a lot of  big pike caught. Perfect weather throughout the year, has made the fishing condition really costant, ensuring to all our guests great fun with a really impressive number of meter plus pikes, Caught not only with spinning technique, but also on the fly rod.

Thanks to all those who, by their presence, have helped to make unforgettable this season, and particular thanks to Blackbay's fishing guides that, with their experience, have made possible this results (Riccardo d'Alberto, Pierre Monjarret, Marco Vidale, Nicola Rota Nodari)

It's time to tell you what has happened in those months, with many pictures of big pike, and a lot more!

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Where to start?

Let's start from the end, telling you about the last week fishing of mid November with a group of friends: good food, great laughs, some crazy baits and of course ..... many large and fat pikes!!!

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