The Atlantic Ocean off the boat, is a funny and alternative fishing opportunity: populated by a large number of species, all fishable with on lure, is an unknown environment for many anglers, that offers days with a lot of catches!



The fishable species are a lot: during a single day, you can catch more than 15 different species. Drop the lures in the blue Ocean and never know what cat attack them, it is a really exciting game. The most common species are pollock, coalfish, mackarel, scad, dogfish, cod and pouting. Is always possible to meet some big Ling , a mysterious predator of the depths. These waters are also rich in many species of sharks, which reach considerable size and all catchable with different techniques: Blue shark, Tope, Spurdog and Bullhuss are the most common. In late autumn is also possible to come across large shoals of squid of considerable size, great fun and great taste for evening dinner!




The slow jigging with light equipment is definitely the most funny. With this technique, using various types of jig (metaljig, Kabura, inchikoo), you can catch many species and the fights are very exciting thanks to the lightness of the gear and the fighting spirit of the fish. Very effective even soft bait rigged on big size jig heads. For all species of sharks, the drifting technique is the most used and effective.




Blackbay works with a professional skipper that fishing guide in the Atlantic  for over 17 years. It's possible to organize a day fishing from the boat  during your stay at the lodge: the staff of Blackbay will recommend the best days depending on weather conditions and the availability of the skipper.