Blackbay's guides are a young team, conjoint by a single passion: the research of big pikes. Several years of experience in this work in Irish waters is the reason of the excellent results of our fishing guests.

Spuperz big pike fishing guide

Riccardo D'Alberto - Spuperz

Fishing guide in Ireland since 2007, has fished most of the largest and famous pike waters of the island. Great connoisseur of all fishing environments, from small ecosystem to the bigger Lough Derg, without forgetting the river Shannon where guide and knows every bend for more than 60km.

Pierre Monjarret Blackbay Ireland big pike

Pierre Monjarret

Fishing guide since 2007 on Lough Derg, is a great connoisseur of this environment and all its mechanisms. Member of the CWC / Strike Pro team for 5 years, has participated and won several international competitions fishing for pike ("Fly vs Jerk," "Predator tour Ireland"). Great specialist in fishing in deep water and jerk bait technique.

Blackbay fishing guide Ireland monster pike

Nicola Rota Nodari - Nik

Fishing guide in Ireland since 2009, prefers fishing in open water of the great lrish lough in search of large pelagic pikes. Fly fisherman for many years, has adapted this technique to Irish waters, making it very effective for fishing in open waters.

He also guide for  lake trout during the Mayfly with fly fishing technique.