The feeling you get from fishing the hugeness of the Atlantic Ocean is difficult to describe, and give great exitement to all fishermen who have tried this technique.

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Fishing from sheer cliffs or long sandy beaches and rock is an experience to try.


The Irish coasts are populated by a huge numbers of different species catchable on lure with different technique: Wrasse, Pollack, Mackerel and Sea Bass are our target

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The techniques are different depending on the species that you fish. Fishing with softbait riggered on jig heads, split shot or Texas rig. Other very effective lures is the hardbaits  like minnow, long jerk, WTD and metal jigs. Equipment must be of excellent quality for fishing Atlantic's reefs.  Rods in different action and power to match different techniques, and excellent reels with good quality braid from 30lb, allow us to have a proper fishing action and fight this powerful fishes.

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During your holiday at Blackbay Lodge, you can choose to spend one or more days practice this type of fishing: from the lodge you can reach the coast of West Clare very quickly, famous for its stunning scenery as the Cliff of Moher. On the same day is possible to fish different spots and trying different techniques to catchall the different species.