Irish waters are populated by a large number of big pike. This is due to the low fishing pressure, the favorable weather conditions and the large number of prey fish.


Fishermen have different fishing possibility thanks to biodiversity of the water system that provide great habitats for the large predators:  small ponds and streams,  large lakes and rivers crossing the Emerald Isle will keep pike fishing at its best.

Pike fishing in Ireland is a unique experience  giving big satisfaction if supported by an extensive knowledge of its mechanisms, seasonality and of the large predator's behavior.

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BlackBay's fishing guides have been working on this for several years and they have much experience and knowledge of Irish land and waters.

The fisherman that want to fish in these waters is daily followed and helped  by our guides in order to obtain the best results. Heterogeneity of Irish environments might disarm even the most experienced fishermen .

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BlackBay team's objective is to guide fishermen true the most amazing fishing spots, previously explored and selected between many others during lots of years experience.