Pike fishing on lure is a technique in continue development.


Our passion drives us to be continuously updated, to offer our guests not just a simple stay, but an opportunity to enrich their technical knowledge.

The Blackbay's guides have developed fishing techniques to able you get the best results in different types of spots and in different fishing situations.

The equipment must be good quality and always updated, both as rods and reels, which for bait, hooks and terminal tackle.



The rods must be strong and with good casting range (minimum 2-4 oz), able to cast generously sized lures, and manage fish that exceed one meter in length and 10 kg in weight. High quality  reels, both casting and spinning, complete the gear (preferred models with high recovery ratio). For spinning minimum size is 4000. For casting we recommend "low profile" models for greater comfort during long fishing sessions.



A good selection of lures is required for all fishing conditions.

- Mouses / hairbug of dark colors with contrast trailer and different sinking rates.

- Swim Jig with 3 /4 hooks, in different colors and jig head from 10gr

- Swimbait like trout from 20-25 cm.

- Shads rigged with different weight

- Jerkbait medium sized like Buster jerk

- Soft Swimbait / Replicant by 8/10 inch

The guides will help you to choose and change baits adapting to fishing situations and will provide a large number them.



On the reel we recommend big braid (minimum 65 lb - 0,36mm) to prevent a break during while casting or the risk leaving a big bait in the mouth of a pike and condemn it to certain death. The terminals must be proportionate to rods and braid, built with high quality materials and minimum 40cm length: - Fluorocarbon high quality 100lb (minimum diameter of 0.90mm) - Monowire steel minimum 150lb - "cross lock" snaps 100lb N.B .: Blackbay offers hiring service of full fishing equipment , with rods and reels of high quality and wide selection of good lures.