During the month of May, in many Irish waters, we can attend the spectacular mayfly hatches.

mayfly trout ireland

This huge ephemera hatch in lakes and rivers in this short period of the year, and start a feeding frenzy of the wild Brown Trout, an endemic species of trout that lives in these waters.


In this period, the big trout lose their suspicion attracted by the large amount of easy food: for fly fisherman is a moment not to be missed.


TECHNIQUE The fishing takes place in the lake by boat, drifting carried by the wind in search of active trout. The dry fly fishing is certainly the most effective and spectacular but a string of wet fly well presented or small streamers may give some good surprises.

brown trout ireland blackbay


We use long rods 10 '/ 11' feet for line weight #5 or #6 that help the fisherman casting large pattern of mayfly and fighting very strong fish that can reach considerable size.