In addition to pike fishing there’s also the possibility to fish other predators existing in large numbers. Trout and perch, as well as being part of the pike’s diet, offer fun alternatives to fishermen.

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It’s possible to practice this type of fishing for few hours or for  the whole day using various techniques in different environments.

A large number of perches populate Irish waters. This predator reaches considerable size, with specimens exceeding 15 inches in length and 3 lb in weight.

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Spinning in small streams with light equipment or practice the dropshot on large schools in depth are some of the funniest way to tackle this predator.

Irish trouts inhabit small streams,  rivers and big lakes.. The species is the golden coloured "brown trout" .

Fishing in flowing water

In small and medium-sized rivers,  brown trouts can be approached using both spinning and fly fishing techniques.

Small spinners or minnows launched with precision in the between of water currents and trees will originate the attack to the colorful salmonid.  Dry fly and nymph, will secure you a priceless experience out in the wilderness and unspoiled environment.